5 things my dog has taught me to become a better person

Growing up in Texas and living on a ranch, I’ve always had a lot of animals around me. most of which I’ve had great memories with. It wasn’t until I moved out here to Las Vegas, though, where I was fortunate enough to finally have a dog to call my own, Boba. No he’s not named after some Star Wars character, rather the delicious Asian beverage Boba Tea. He has taught me a lot throughout these last 2 years since his birth and I am ready to share his inspiration.

Be True to Your own Nature

There is no point in faking who you are. A golden retriever isn’t a Yorkie or pug isn’t a Great Dane, and for good reason. Being comfortable in your own skin is 90% of the trick. Not everyone is meant to be a seeing-eye dog or a greyhound racing dog. Find yourself and embrace your nature. That’s often a great place to start.

Never say no to a Chance to go on a Car Ride

When the days grow short, I guarantee you had wished you took more car rides. Doesn’t really matter for what purpose. Drive with the rooftop/windows down. Explore the places you want to go. Do the things that inspire you. Finding out what’s behind the next hill is the curiosity in all of us.

Always keep that 20% wolf in you.

If you ever give up, you’re done. A dog without wildness in the blood isn’t a dog. The beauty in a great dog doesn’t lie in its obedience but in its loyalty. Loyalty is a choice. Dogs choose to be dogs and not wolves. That’s what makes them special.

When you chase the ball, CHASE the ball

2 reasons: Reason a) It’s a chase. You never half-chase a ball. You go all out. It’s what you’re meant to do. It’s the point.

Reason b) You don’t want some other dog getting to the ball before you do and slobber all over it, do you?

The Ending

When its all said and done, you’ll revisit your adventures, your chases, your battles and all the excitement of your life, but it’s the quiet moments with loved ones that your mind will always go back to. The days when all you did was spend lazy hours with them, head on their lap, theirs on yours, taking in the afternoon sun and the hundreds of fleeting stories. Those are the memories that will stay with you to the end and beyond. Cherish them.

Never give up on your thirst for life’s adventures, on the beauty subtle moments and chasing that ball as hard and fast as your heart will carry you.

Happy 2nd birthday Boba.

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